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An Autumn Mystery That Celebrates the Season




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How does a sixteenth-century saint solve a twenty-first century crime?

Join Berdie Elliott in her search for truth amidst the ruins of Criswell Abbey where the secrets of the past dwell.


A North England visit turns mystifying when Berdie Elliott, sleuth extraordinaire, becomes involved in beguiling circumstances that spell murder.  From a landed family to the local pub, a centuries old legend of a departed churchman permeates a small village. What Berdie uncovers will turn residents, along with the legend, upside-down.


Released previously as Advent of a Mystery



Who would guess that an Advent wreath is the guiding light for solving a mysterious death in a small English village?

When Berdie Elliott, the local vicar's wife and former investigative reporter gets the scent, you can count on detection at its very best and not just a few surprises as well. Though her husband often disaprooves, Berdie's divine gift for sorting truth from lies cannot be denied and puts her right in it. Along with her best friend, Lillie, far more than packages are unwrapped when an Advent party at the vicarage goes awry and murder rocks the village.  Lively newcomers, secret identities, a clandestine wedding and a dissenting constable add to the adventure.  Berdie, to the delight of the entire village, ties up the mystery like a bright Christmas bow.  Mince pies anyone?


Enigma of Fire will set your curiosity ablaze Don't miss out.

A Whodunit with explosive action in a small English village

Enigma of Fire



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  No divine gifts are going spare in the English village of Aidan Kirkwood when Berdie Elliott fans the flames to demystify the Enigma of Fire.

As the season of Pentecost approaches, Hugh Elliott, Aidan Kirkwood’s village vicar, prepares for the Whitsun Long Weekend Regatta by inviting former military colleagues to compose a rowing team for the boat race.  But one amongst them is in a problematic explosion that puts Berdie Elliot, Hugh’s wife and gifted sleuth, right in it.  The shock of the blast sends her whirling, and when the Yard arrives, fingers point to a profiled suspect, igniting village fears.  Can Berdie recapture investigative brilliance, sift the ashes, and ascertain who’s responsible?  Can the enigma of fire be laid bare?

Ascension Means Celebration

So let's read a cozy mystery that sizzles with small English village vibrancy

Into the Clouds: A Berdie Elliott Ascension Mystery 

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Ascension celebration balloons are not the only thing vanishing into mid-air in the small English village of Aidan Kirkwood.  Someone's gone missing!  You'll enjoy reading this whodunit, the third in the Berdie Elliott mystery series.  Following an Ascension Sunday procession, it's discovered someone has disappeared: an attractive, well-to-do widow.  Berdie doesn't let this mystery out of sight until she has the full truth in clear view.


In years past, many churches in England celebrated Ascension Sunday with processions, sometimes from one town to the next, that featured musical instruments, singers, and congregants marching joyfully along.  This mystery picks up that tradition as seen in a rural church of modern day England.  Though fictional, it's rich with historical precedants. 


Lastingham church graveyard

For a Fun Read Get

Up From the Grave: A Berdie Elliott Lenten Mystery

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A skeleton is unearthed in the church back garden in the small English village of Aidan Kirkwood.  How did it get there?  Berdie Elliott digs into the truth.

"You will not be able to put the book down until you're finished.

Cindy Loven, The Borrowed Book



Up from the Grave is a jolly good romp.

When.Berdie Elliott, the intrepid vicar's wife, digs into the mystery concerning the remains found in a shallow grave in the church's back garden, the village buzzes with questions.  Who is this person?  How did they get there?  And the primary concern, who put them there?  It becomes even more adventurous when an unknown contessa visits the site.  And how does Swithy Hall come into play?  The Upland Arms, the local, is alive wit h gossip.  Fingers point, tongues wag, but Berdie gets to the bottom of the truth.  

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Enigma of Fire is a must-read this summer.



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Want to see how I cook up Delicious Red Herrings for my mysteries?  Go to:

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Candle for a Corpse is Pelican Publishing's re-release of Advent of a Mystery with a few bells and whistles.
Hello to friends at the signing.

Hi there, and thanks to all of you who came to

Barnes and Noble in

Cheyenne, Wyoming

for the book signing that benefited the Botanical Gardens.  Special cudos to all who purchased books.  Have a fun read.


We had fun at the Denver Tea Room Booklover's Tea.  Wonderful food and author-reader exchanges that enriched everyone in attendance.

All books are available at, Barnes and Noble, and other brick and morter stores by order.


Threads of Love, the Colorado stories in the Romancing America Series is now available on line and in book stores.  I stepped into the romance world to write a romance mystery and joined three other authors to write a compilation.  Hope you enjoy it.  Visit the Romancing America website for more information

For those of you followed my blog book tour, thank you so much.  I hope you enjoyed it.  I had fun doing it.  Cheers

 Advent of a Mystery, my first book, introduced to the world the British vicar's wife sleuth, Berdie Elliott.  It's a mystery that takes place at Advent and involves the entire village.  When a spinster dies in dark circumstances, the whole of the village, and a few visitors, enter into the fray until the perpetrator is found out.  This story was well recieved getting 41/2 stars customer rating on Amazon

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Carolyn Miller | Reply 06.08.2019 21:03

Thanks Marilyn for sharing your writing talent with us! I picked up advent of a mystery at a jumble sale and I absolutely loved it. Can’t wait to read more in this series! I’ll be watching to see if you ever do booksignings in Southern California. Are yo

marilyn leach 16.08.2019 14:04

Carolyn, thanks for your comment. I love writing for you and all those who enjoy a fun brain-tickling mystery. Enjoy! Cheers!

Molly Yeazel | Reply 06.08.2017 21:09

We're so excited to see you at the Denver Tea Room 2nd Annual Booklover's Tea!

marilyn 10.08.2017 19:56

I can't wait, myself. I've got a book give-away, lots of English bits and bobs, and bookmarks for all who come. See you there, Molly

marilyn leach | Reply 26.09.2014 14:40

Jean, Candle for a Corpse is the same book as Advent of a Mystery, just a different publishing house. You can order "Candle" at Amazon

Jean Sloas, Adminis. CLiF | Reply 18.09.2014 15:49

Dear Marilyn, Our Book Club is attempting to read your bk "Advent Myst". Publisher here in US says out-of-print.Do you have any 4Sale?? We need 15.

Amanda Cabot | Reply 21.02.2013 16:17

I loved Candle for a Corpose and can't wait to read Up From the Grave -- am looking forward to your signing at "our" B&N.

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06.11 | 11:29

Kathi, so excited that you enjoyed the read! On Ch 9 of the second story and I keep plugging away. Thanks for visiting my website.

28.10 | 19:08

Hi Marilyn- I just finished Who Lit the Whistling Kettle and loved it! The characters already seem like my friends. Looking forward to the next book.

18.02 | 22:20

Well, I want to say that after seeing your shares picture and views about England I am very happy and your post is so informative for me.

26.11 | 14:04

So glad you enjoy London. Cheers

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