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Bridge crossing in Pickering, Yorkshire
Warwick Castle town view from castle wall
Lulworth Castle in Dorset, England
Lacock Abbey, Wiltshire, England

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At this tough time, I hope and pray that you and your loved ones will be safe and strong 




If you like a brain-tickling mystery along with tea, especially when summer days and large shade trees beckon you to lazy reading, you're in the right place.  To see what I have to offer you, click the links below.








  My Published Library

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England Chit Chat 

Snaps of England 

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Publisher's Weekly has a current campaign to encourage all of us to continue enjoying the pleasure of reading.


To see my special guests who are showing us their great reads, click here

A fun Pentecost mystery, Enigma of Fire is a fired-up brain tickle.  To find out more, click here My Published Library

A Fall Read that keeps you guessing

Ebook now Available:

All Hallows Dead: A Berdie Elliott All Saints Mystery

How does a sixteenth century saint solve a twenty-first century mystery?

Click here to learn more about the story.

Have you ever wondered how an author cooks up Delicious Red Herrings, those characters that appear to be "the rat who did it" and keeps you guessing for pages? Click the link below to see how I create them for my mysteries. 

Go to:




In My Published Library

A new water feature for the church back garden in Aidan Kirkwood becomes a Lenten mystery when bones are unearthed from a shallow grave.

Dig into the truth with Up from the Grave: A Berdie Elliott Lenten Mystery 

To find out more about it, click the underlined link above.







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Paul Trow | Reply 23.11.2017 09.32

Are you the lovely Marilyn Leach I used to work with at the Hendon Times? If so, please call me on 07973862747, best wishes, Paul Trow

marilyn leach 25.11.2017 23.03

Sorry, Paul. I'm not that Marilyn, but she sounds lovely. Cheers

Debra | Reply 06.06.2017 08.24

Just finished Enigma of Fire, I Loved it and am so anxious for the next book, and when will that be? The Berdie Elliot Mysteries are so much fun!

marilyn 07.06.2017 13.35

You are so welcome, Debra. And happy reading. Cheers

Debra Replogle 07.06.2017 09.29

Oh that is great I will be watching for it Thank You

marilyn 06.06.2017 11.40

Debra, I just submitted "Message from the Deceased," a Berdie Elliott Saint's Day mystery to my publisher about 3 weeks ago. Hope it's in print by next year.

Dena Netherton | Reply 21.08.2016 18.27

Marilyn, just love your photos. Au, how I'd love to visit merry old England some day!

marilyn leach 22.08.2016 14.51

November's a good time to travel there. I think you'd love it, Dena. Cheers

Brad | Reply 06.02.2015 19.37

So med, is this where the book party is?


marilyn leach 13.02.2015 13.45

Hey, Brad, sorry, but no. The book party was on Facebook. Oh well, there will be other opportunities, yeah?

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18.02 | 22:20

Well, I want to say that after seeing your shares picture and views about England I am very happy and your post is so informative for me.

26.11 | 14:04

So glad you enjoy London. Cheers

26.11 | 14:03

Pat, I'm so glad you enjoyed the tour. Christmas tours coming up. Cheers

15.11 | 00:23

Love, love the pictures, Marilyn! Enjoyed the scenic tour; places to dream about.

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