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Lacock Abbey, Wiltshire, England
South Lake, in the woods betwixt Early, Woodley
Sherborne Abbey in Dorset.
Care for a pot of tea, anyone?
Enigma of Fire has released.

If you enjoy good books, hot tea, and a cozy pub on an English afternoon, you've come to the right place. 

Hello, I hope you have a sunny spot to read a good book this spring.  I'm Marilyn Leach author and British enthusiast.  I'll be sharing my book Enigma of Fire, and other projects from my Berdie Elliott mystery series. Check it out at My Published Library.  Then read Noteworthy Authors where I interview other authors, this month it's Dena Netherton. Catch up on English chatter and view some Snaps of spring in England.  Then click More Snaps for pix of my recent Yorkshire trip and enjoy a good virtual chin wag. Comments are welcomed.  So nestle in and enjoy.  I take mine white with one sugar, please. 

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Dena Netherton | Reply 21.08.2016 18.27

Marilyn, just love your photos. Au, how I'd love to visit merry old England some day!

marilyn leach 22.08.2016 14.51

November's a good time to travel there. I think you'd love it, Dena. Cheers

Brad | Reply 06.02.2015 19.37

So med, is this where the book party is?


marilyn leach 13.02.2015 13.45

Hey, Brad, sorry, but no. The book party was on Facebook. Oh well, there will be other opportunities, yeah?

Molly Eldridge | Reply 28.01.2015 19.43

Looks very inviting. I'm drinking macha green tea as I look at this.

marilyn leach 03.02.2015 14.39


Donna Wichelman | Reply 12.05.2014 16.39

Lovely picture, Marilyn and very cozy. It reflects on the kinds of books you write. It also makes me long to be back in England. :) Bless you!

Dena Netherton | Reply 19.03.2014 14.25

I love especially love the fireplace!

marilyn 20.03.2014 13.54

Isn't it cool? This picture is of the pub in Turville, a small village in Buckinghamshire, England. The pub was as cozy as it looks

Amanda Cabot | Reply 21.02.2013 16.15

You drew me in with the picture of the pub (a wonderful reminder of several business trips to England) and the invitation to tea.

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12.01 | 15:18

Leslie Sartor said she really liked the idea of overhearing someone's conversation, then writing a story about it. How fun.

14.12 | 15:36

Linda, love that you dropped in. Have fun reading the book. Cheers

14.12 | 15:35

Thanks, Amanda, and I hope you enjoy the story.

13.12 | 23:58

Thanks for sharing Keri's Christmas Wish on your Blog. I'm Following the Book Blog Tour around. It really sounds like a Good Book.

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